jesus was all, its cool, chill out, but they didnt

runim almost done with reading the gospels. they’re all a little different.

it makes me think maybe some biographies should be written in four chapters

all by different authors

that way if one guy is easily impressed, thats fine,

but maybe the next guy wont look at all of it the same way.

one thing that ive noticed is pontious pilate gets a pretty fair shake in each of the books

every time its his turn he says

whats the damn deal here

and jesus is all

and pp is like, why are all of these people super pissed off at you and wanna kill you?

and jesus is all

and pp goes are you the king of the jews

and jesus is all

and pp is like who even cares? angry mob i see no crime here, im out. peace!

and they were all, no peace unless you kill him

and pp was all omg finnnnnne whatever!

so i wonder what four writers would write about bob dylan