1. Tuesday, March 29, 2016

    sometimes you’ll drive for about five minutes 

    bearand you get to their block, and then to their driveway

    and they’ll wave you in.

    and they’ll look at you and then walk into their house

    all three of them

    and you’ll sit there for a few minutes listening to tom petty

    and you’ll think to yourself, what?

    you were right here.

    i was right here.

    i AM right here.

    and you guys went the total opposite way.

    so after another minute i texted them

    i said, hi this is uber, im only required to wait five minutes

    and we are four minutes in…

    and boom they pop out

    and we get going and grandma is sitting next to me and the nine year old is in the back and mom is next to him and young aunt is there. and they say they need another car for the rest of the family

    then they tell me this is their first time in america

    and theyre going to disneyland tomorrow and then joshua tree

    and i think to myself, you are such a terrible person. why cant you be patient? why do you always have to be this way? why cant you just chill you chill in traffic you chill under fire you chill under the most stressful situations

    why cant you just sit in the driveway of life and listen to tom petty

    and wait your damn turn