1. Friday, March 18, 2016

    tony why do you do the things you do 

    el coyote

    all day, all night, in a dad car, in a smelly shirt, with taco bell tacos in the glove box

    because no one else would if i didnt

    because i dont give two craps why the caged bird whines

    because rock in roll is dying and im a little drummer boy

    rat a tat tat

    my cats are excited im home. i tell them daddy took 24 people places today

    but all they care about is did i bring them treats back from the war

    girl cat is all tony why do you do  the things you do

    i say because pete rose led by example because walter payton died of a broken heart

    because mother theresa was called names by christopher bitchens

    because i know that for once in my life im the best at something

    bettern anyone from sea to shining sea

    and actually it’s the opposite of lonely at the top.

    and she says but seriously did you bring us anything

    and i say heres some 8 hour old sushi rolls and if you dont eat em