all i wanna talk about is prince all i think about is prince

city hall

yesterday at work i was a mess before i even got to work.

i was on the phone with my mom driving in to work when she learned about it and as i was driving i googled it and saw it was true,

i nearly stopped the car and turned around and went home but as prince embodied in his final performance at his home, the show must go on.

so i went in to work. it was super quiet. it’s been quiet but it was super quiet.

people would be nice and say hi how are you and i wanted to say Prince is dead how the f am i supposed to be?

but i smiled tried to tell jokes and i went on with my day which was pretty impossible

the only actual good i did there was we usually try to at least put a picture up if an Oscar winner or member dies and we try to say something nice but often it’s not as inspired as that one time.

so we all had a quickie little meeting and my boss decided to use prince’s Oscar win video as what we would put up and we did and near the end of the day i saw it had made it to Twitter Moments which is actually an accomplishment because EVERYTHING on twitter yesterday was about Prince


so to make it through all of that was actually a little bit of a bright spot in an otherwise dark day

rosario dawsonubered a little. got home. couldnt sleep. tweeted. one of my tweets did super good. weird.

rosario dawson(!) retweeted it.

passed out.

today is friday and if i was a quitter or a call in sicker i would call in sick but im not sick im sad and gloomy and not at all sure why Prince died of the flu. and i hope he didnt have a drug issue no one knew about. because one reason out of millions that we loved Prince was because he was above all of those mortal things.

in many many ways he was holy.

still is.

still was.

now i really dont wanna go to work.