1. Wednesday, April 13, 2016

    sometimes you just hit it off 

    christinasometimes you dont

    sometimes everything you say they get it truly and go same same same

    sometimes you just want them to shhhh cuz uhhh

    then sometimes what was once incredible and necessary and required, fades



    and never comes back

    not even in the still silence of a desert sunset

    not even on a bet.

    sometimes when things arent connecting you dont even wanna look at them

    because for sure theyll be able to read it all over your face

    theyll read your mind or worse

    and sometimes when things are, you wanna hug em good bye like an old friend whos about to go off on a cruise around the world

    and further.

    sometimes life doesnt feel like a graphic novel at all.

    it feels like a jello shot festival.