i had this theory that pretty girls can wear anything

belindathat “fashion” is baloney

i wanted to prove that theory by creating a potato sack dress

that was lined with something non itchy but basically it was a burlap sack that you put a belt around

or not, who cares

and you put it on a model of some sort and voila


and then i saw this picture of marilyn monroe from way back like a million years ago and i thought

damn tony, you are the least original person in the whole wide world how do you even live?

and then i went on with life because calling myself stupid is just a typical part of my day.

but then yesterday i was reading a terrific article about the go-gos and how they were terrible at first, but cute, so they kept going, and then they got a drummer and a guitarist who were actually good so they kept going and then they got a record deal because thats what happened back in the day,

and then they got a song and a beat and the guy who produced Blondie wanted to produce them and so he did and then he recorded them and they said omg this is terrible and he said but i actually know what the hell im doing dont you remember how deep down youre actually not great at music and they were all oh yeah ok whatever who cares more drugs please

and in the article i saw this picture of Belinda their singer in this garbage bag dress  

and i thought wow this is even better than the potato sack and you dont even need any lining plus who the hell wants to wear a potato sack anyways

and i never thought of a beret.

god im dumb.