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Rolling Stone: How do you make sense of the Donald Trump phenomenon?

Louis CK: I’m not gonna tell Americans how to feel — I think you gotta get out of the way of people’s feelings. It’s a self-cleaning system. Whenever anybody says, “The voters are stupid” – well, the voters elected Obama against a war hero and a multimillionaire, which are classic choices for the other side. I have faith in the American people because of that. And if Trump does win, I feel like we will figure it out.

uber has been having these promotions for drivers

three dollarsbasically if you drive a lot of hours and take a lot of trips they’ll give you a bonus.

in order to take a lot of trips i have to take uber x calls instead of just uber select calls because there arent enough select calls for me to get that bonus.

so the majority of the rides i gave this week were uber x and when i do these deals i see how little uber x drivers are making on a ride and it makes me wonder who could afford to drive any more.

$3 for a 3 mile ride that took probs 5 minutes to get there, 3 minutes to wait and 11 minutes of travel? the calls are not bam bam bam by the way, on weekends like this, there are a lot of drivers out there, and the good people are pacing themselves so they might not be going out every night.

fortunately for me my longest ride was on select and i made as much on that one ride as i made most of the night.

i loved pretty much everyone i drove. thats what makes it worth it.

– super dark skinned swedish(!) model here in LA for the first time. “just take me to the stars on the sidewalk”. as we drove she told me she wanted to go dancing. i said white or black music. she said black. i said playhouse. she said where is it. i said theres stars in front. when we got there the marquee said Puff Daddy she said i love you. i said i know. and when she got out i said “hey dough” and she was all Very Good!

– pretty girl from buffalo grove who says manny pacquio’s entourage works out at her gym and they are quite manly.

– two gay gentlemen all dressed up, one with a cape, on their way to a wedding at the Arboretum in pasadena. we all discovered that none of us had ever been there before. they all met at the LA gay mens choir. i told them hurry tell the Dodgers you wanna sing the anthem. how could they say no?

– two laughing teens (14, 15) getting out of the Starbucks. we devised ways of robbing banks. they said small banks are key. i asked what about the ink exploder, how do you prevent that? they said, lots of coins. COINS?!

– a well dressed woman who had just had dinner with her ex at the Desert Rose on Hillhurst, there was an old man jazz trio AND they were showing the game inside.

– a beautiful woman who had worked at uber since pretty much the start and who had just left the company who had nothing but good things to say about everyone. she thanked me for my service.

– two bros headed to a sports bar. i said are you from The City? they said yes. i told them i lived on Haight back in the day. they asked lower or upper. i said lower, near noc noc. they said across from Molitovs? i said it was called The Midtown then. they said holy crap, we sat on your porch! and they just may have. they said did you ever go to the liquor store? i said the liquor store ACROSS THE STREET FROM MY HOUSE, DO I LOOK MORMON? they said yea. i said the place run by Mohammaed and his son Mohammed? they said yes and laughed and laughed.

and i hit my goal by 12:45am.