1. Tuesday, May 31, 2016

    what if amber was my last girlfriend? 

    amberif you ask me ive had a miraculous streak of amazing girlfriends

    but i had zero last year.

    the last one i had was in 2014, miss amber smith blog.

    what if thats it for me? what if tinder and bumble are the only ways to get girls nowadays and what if that doesnt work out?

    will i be alone forever?

    will i be eternally a bachelor waiting for that sweet moment of death to silence me?

    what if im unlovable?

    what if the only way i can get someone to want to be with me is to go to the gym?

    is it worth it?

    shouldnt i want someone to love me for my heart, for my mind, for the cool things i retweet?

    what if word got out that im a bad kisser?

    what if everything i did was wrong?

    i see people get together, i see people even get married, and lately ive seen people gotten divorced.

    was it better to just drive around and not have to have gone through all of that?

    was it better the life ive had, dates, hookups, concerts, back seats, front seats, car hoods


    public parks

    parking lots?

    some of them have kids and thats nice. the kids are nice. they are our future i hear. but are they?

    the milleniums were supposed to be our future but they listen to such garbage and do everything wrong. but who am i to talk, i do everything wrong too.

    et tu busblog.

    what i like about mick jagger is he was comfortable in his non attatchmentness but then one day his long time girlfriend said we need to get married so they got married and then they got divorced because some things dont look good with sweaters on them.

    my cats for example dont like to be held for very long. they’ll let you do it for like a minute but then they meow and levitate to about two feet away from you and they lay there and eventually pass out from contentment of not being touched by you.

    am i content just meeting new runway models and going to shows and restaurants and mountain tops

    would i get bored of what it seems like everyone else gets bored of?

    theres worse things than being bored.

    dont know what it is, but im sure there are worse things.