1. Monday, May 9, 2016

    do you know some people actually pretend to get uptight about words? 

    old chella

    they waste their time trying to look good, but they fail.

    and worse, they never get to any real issue. let’s say someone uses a word that you’d never hear Tom Brokaw use.

    instead of trying to figure out if that word triggers something to themselves, they do the most obvious thing

    they say, “that word should not be acceptable for use.”

    which makes me say, “the concept that some words should not be acceptable to use is fucked up”

    and then we devolve into a bunch of monkeys barking at each other.

    words in the hands of people not being 100% honest are far more dangerous than

    words in the hands of people trying to make an actual point.

    do we all pretend a little as we go through our day?

    how are you? FINE

    how was your weekend? GOOD

    sure, but none of that adds to the real conversations of our lives.

    while i’m not surprised that some people are stuck in the boring motions of automatic responses and faux outraged,

    it does become tiresome after awhile.

    what i am encouraged by is things like DesertTrip.com, a concert of six incredible artists from the 60s

    who DID NOT say fine when they got to rock the mic

    they said and sang things that were uncomfortable, controversial, and real.

    and now they have found a way to charge a pretty penny to say it

    and people are gobbling it up.

    rock on, my niggas