1. Tuesday, May 17, 2016

    i look backward because looking forward isnt real 

    fridathe past tells me what i did where i was what went wrong what went right

    the future is just a day dream a promise a dream a lie a fantasy a mirage

    in the past we were laying by a pool holding hands drinking drinks laughing

    and laughing and laughing and then

    back in the room we made the world spin around us

    french doors opened to the sun as if to say look


    look all you angels

    this is what its all about

    and afterwards we stared at the ceiling goofy faces on our smiles

    and talked about tomorrow

    which was just a daydream a promise a dream a lie a fantasy a mirage

    well intentioned but false because the only person who can predict the future

    are the worms

    at the cemetery

    who dont know the exact date

    but know dinners coming

    so they wait