1. Thursday, May 12, 2016

    i wanna do cool things, all the time 

    bridgedont you?

    i wanna try and experiment and work

    and create and push limits and inspire

    and figure shit out and rock rock

    till we all die.

    i had lunch with a pretty girl the other day who said she started working for this place a few months ago and

    she’s pretty fancy so they promised her all these things if she worked there

    but then her boss’s boss took off and was replaced by this new boss

    and that boss would say that she was super punk rock and experimental

    but it turned out she was just the opposite

    more like a country line dance.

    everything had to be exactly the same as it was before and everyone had to do it

    and this boss was super awkward to talk with even thought she said

    you know karen i have an open door policy

    which shoulda been a red flag right away because thats like if you have a girlfriend

    and she says, you know tony, i would never cheat on you

    with two guys behind a 7-11

    on a sunday night

    when you are at home reading the bible

    even if we just had a fight and id always dreamt of

    doing it in the back seat

    of an El Camino on an unusually warm spring night

    in the valley.