i had this theory that pretty girls can wear anything

belindathat “fashion” is baloney

i wanted to prove that theory by creating a potato sack dress

that was lined with something non itchy but basically it was a burlap sack that you put a belt around

or not, who cares

and you put it on a model of some sort and voila


and then i saw this picture of marilyn monroe from way back like a million years ago and i thought

damn tony, you are the least original person in the whole wide world how do you even live?

and then i went on with life because calling myself stupid is just a typical part of my day.

but then yesterday i was reading a terrific article about the go-gos and how they were terrible at first, but cute, so they kept going, and then they got a drummer and a guitarist who were actually good so they kept going and then they got a record deal because thats what happened back in the day,

and then they got a song and a beat and the guy who produced Blondie wanted to produce them and so he did and then he recorded them and they said omg this is terrible and he said but i actually know what the hell im doing dont you remember how deep down youre actually not great at music and they were all oh yeah ok whatever who cares more drugs please

and in the article i saw this picture of Belinda their singer in this garbage bag dress  

and i thought wow this is even better than the potato sack and you dont even need any lining plus who the hell wants to wear a potato sack anyways

and i never thought of a beret.

god im dumb.

why do old people hate beyonce?

beyonce formation

in my weird universe Beyonce is Queen. thats how it is on my social media, in the web sites i read, and the young people i know.

when i drive if one of her songs comes on, especially the newer ones, everyone will hush up and sing along.

last week she sold out the 100,000 seat Rose Bowl, by her damn self, to support a record that had just come out a few weeks previous. The average ticket price was about $100 and the good seats were much more.

before the Rose Bowl concert went off,  she announced a future engagement at the more intimate 50,000 seat Dodger Stadium in September where face value ticket prices on the field range from $500 – $2,000. if you want to sit at the tippy-top of the baseball stadium tickets are a mere $109 before Ticketmaster et all get their cut.

beyonce poolpeople admire her beauty, singing, dancing, style, lyrics, husband, child, marriage, career, and most importantly the way she handles herself in times of every day real life drama.

people, other than those who wrote in last week to complain that the LA Times, that is. and what really irked them was the paper put one of their stories about her on the OMG front page.

Chuck from Huntington Beach said “I love newspapers.  I have been a subscriber of The Times since 1972.  I am not a subscriber of the National Enquirer, but it is beginning to seem that way.  I know all print media are struggling to stay afloat, but come on, guys.  There has to be some actual news you could put on Page 1.”

Jeff in Eagle Rock wrote, “Does an unusually gushy article about Beyoncé deserve to be on the front page of The Times when another story about her is on Page 1 of Calendar?”

There was Carole down in San Diego who complained, “Really, Beyoncé is front page news? And we wonder why someone like Donald Trump could be a leading candidate for president. By any chance, have you seen the movie ‘Idiocracy’?”

And of course Marty in Whittier who asked, “Is it just me or is anyone else getting weary of Beyoncé?”

if I was the LA Times, I’d write an op-ed defending its coverage and educating it’s whining readership why they, like the ticket buying public of this country and the world, appreciate her.

beyonce formationperhaps they can get into the fact that it’s rare for a black woman on a solo tour to be able to command such a huge audience that cuts across race, gender, and age. perhaps they can show pictures of attendees of the enormous Rose Bowl audience crying. Maybe it should be written by a choreographer who can explain that while many female stars like Brittany Spears or Rihanna or Taylor Swift pose real nice, Queen Bey is dancing in dozen of numbers in ways we haven’t seen since Tina Turner.

there’s a reason they keep inviting her back to the Super Bowl. there’s a reason HBO allowed her what amounted to an infomercial last month to air her groundbreaking Lemonade long-form video. there’s a reason she can put her album on the fledgling Tidal and everyone will rush to the streaming service to hear what she has to say.

it is because for many many many who don’t usually have a voice in papers like the LA Times or even in LA, she is their Streisand, their Elvis, their Beatles. and there is no way in hell that Marty in Whittier would have bitched that the paper gave The King too much ink if he ever sold out the Rose Bowl.

so he should probably STFU about The Queen getting hers.

or better yet, perhaps they should OMG listen to what she’s singing about and realize that she’s just not singing to girls, women, black, brown, gay and straight people, she’s singing to and for everyone. and that’s why everyone, pretty much, adore her. including your local rag.

creativity and progress are not bonuses, they are necessities

cruel shoesive been around the block now and ive seen some things

one of the things that bothers me and worries me and gets me depressed is what can happen at

The Top

rarely up there do i see creative geniuses. right now i have the pleasure of working for someone who is an innovator and thats one reason i enjoy working for him.

but as i talk to others and as i remember some of my previous gigs there seems to be this trend to

put people at the top who are not innovators, who punish creativity, who resist change

even if others in their very same field are reaping the rewards of trying new things, especially in the digital storytelling world.

whats bizarre is these are the people making bucketloads of money, who have been given close to unlimited power and who influence the young all around them that

you should not aspire to be Prince

instead you should do your very best to be a safe derivative of something safe.

a Drake, a Bruno Mars, a Live, a Creed,

a Joe Buck.

the thing that worries me is not the immediate effect because talented people just peace out and move on to bigger and better and shine their light elsewhere

it is the long term detriment. one where middle management, newbies, and interns see

that playing it super safe = money power & bitches.

whats great about digital media today is there’s a scoreboard. you can see from your stats if you are bringing in and retaining an audience. you can see it in your unique visitors, in time spent, in your social media numbers

and in the broader view: are people copying your style and ways.

if all you are doing is following the leader and nobody in the world is following you, you are unworthy of your job because a robot could be doing what you’re doing. even babies can mimic, so who are you?

in sports you can play to win

or play not to lose.

when you play not to lose you either dont lose

or you lose.

you never win.

our mommas did not go through nine months of pregnancy, all those years of changing diapers, sitting with us to learn our alphabets and time tables

so we can roll in to work and

not win.

it is disrespectful to them, the people who pay us, and those who are influenced by us.

and it fucks with the nature of things itself.

we as a species are constantly evolving.

you arent because youre scared but guess what we’re all scared

be scared

but keep moving

and stop getting in the way of the people around you

who rock.

my mom doesnt like it when i swear on here


but what can i do.

i bet picassos mom didnt like it when he painted nude ladies.

i bet rembrants mom didnt like it when he used so much gray

i bet warhols mom didnt like it when he was always wearing sunglasses.

we love our moms but sometimes the paint is gonna do what the paints gonna do.

to me the secret of creativity is to get out of the way.

the spirit doesnt have hands or a blog or a reliable internet connection

and thats why God made Earth and us. hi!

likewise we dont have any good ideas.

if this blog was devoid of any spirit all id do on here is put up xxx pictures the NSA save to the cloud

and write about baseball.

no one would read that.

how do i know? have you seen how few ads there have been in the last 10 years

inside the LA Times Sports section?

the kkk took my baby away

video killed the radio star

and espn took all the money out of sports pages.

today im gonna have brunch with a guy named mike.

fuck radio, fuck mtv for abandoning us all

fuck ticketmaster fuck the dh fuck cancer

but one thing they can never take from us

even when they cant figure out a way to strip all the art from it

in their tireless attempt to suck all the money out of it

is rock and roll.

a guitar and a voice.

there is a spirit that comes straight down from heaven into us all

people have different words for it

and at its roots it is love.

and it manifests in that contagious chorus

that is so natural at it’s heart

which is why it heals us there

so we can then take on what needs to get done.

rock on little girl

and rock on florence and the machine.

ive been trying to write something for months

skateboardand ive had the hardest time doing it.

from afar it looks crazy and ridiculous

but i know that when i start doing it it will be fine because things change when youre right up in it.

nobody dies writing things

thats all im doing is writing something

will it change my life? probs.

but at least it will be written and for most of my life all the best things have happened to me after i wrote something down

in that sense this is a weird life and i should embrace the magic that happens when i put pen to paper, so to speak, but im not. im continually freaked out by what happens when i use the super powers that the good lord has blessed me

and you and you and you


it’s bizarre to me that in a way we all can conjure up lifechanging things just by clicking some buttons, putting it in a web browser and sending it off somewhere and seeing what happens

i dont know what i would prefer. i certainly wouldnt prefer it if Life Just Happened to me

i would like some control.


which is why they often say, right before youre about to do something big


oklahoma just passed a law making abortions illegal

oklahomawhen i was a kid,

hell, even when i was in college,

i had this bizarre belief that adults knew what they were doing.

that they wouldnt intentionally waste time and money on things that were nonsensical.

that they wouldn’t, as i was warned as a kid, not to jump off a cliff

just because everyone else was doing it.

i know a lot of people get all super dooper crazy when a woman gets preggo

they want to put their hands all over her eggo.

she’ll go, yo, leggo my eggo

i wanna do with my eggo whatever i wanna do with my eggo

since, firstly it’s mine

and secondly, i live in america

and in america theres this thing called the fuck you i can do this amendment

just like how you have the fuck you i can carry a gun amendment.

but these adults in politics actually DONT MIND AT ALL wasting time and money on things

they obsess over putting their hands and faces and lips and tongues and feet all over preggo ladies’ eggos

even though once that eggo turns into a kiddo they’re all la la la who dis new phone

they dont wanna do the right thing to have public schools be kick ass

they dont wanna do the right thing to make sure the kiddo can get free health care

they dont wanna do the right thing to make sure the food it eats or water it drinks are safe from corporations polluting the air and seas

they dont wanna make sure that the Earth stops heating up so the kiddo can, you know, live

and for sure they dont wanna keep the kiddo safe in schools after all the school shootings that go on.

because constitution.

but they forget that abortion is constitution too. actually they dont forget, they lalalala around that too.

because fuck you.

pretty much thats what oklahoma, a beautiful state filled with beautiful people just said to women

they said fuck you and you and you and you and you and you and you

and especially you tax payers because this tantrum is gonna cost you all the money

money that could go to schools, clean air, clean water, school lunches, health care, playgrounds, drug rehab

and nice things for children who were actually planned to be part of this beautiful slam dance we are all in.

so thanks oklahoma, for reminding us how important voting is

and how important voting all of you out really is.


cubs fowler

The Cubs just won a game that took 5 hours, where they used every player and pitcher, the catcher threw out four runners, for two tense bases loaded at bats they put five fielders in the infield, their leadoff hitter dove safely at first to beat out a throw in the top of the 12th, Kris Bryant played Left, 3rd and 1st at different parts of the bottom of the 12th, and their pitcher drew a walk with the bases loaded to drive in what would be the winning run. Baseball has always been fun, Bryce.