Wow the ESPN Prez sure loves talking to the NYT about Bill Simmons

bill simmonsIt sure seemed to anyone with two ears that Bill Simmons was fired from ESPN because on his podcast (!) he called NFL commissioner Roger Goodell a liar which ruffled the feathers of The Sports Leader because they are in bed with the Shield.

But today ESPN’s president tells The New York Times that it wasn’t about the commish, instead, “I alone made the decision, and it had nothing to do with his comments about the commissioner. I severed our relationship with Bill because of his repeated lack of respect for this company and, more importantly, the people who work here.”

Which also sounds like a lie because if you are pissed at the creator of Grantland and his alleged lack of respect for the people there, why would you shutter the beloved site and make all those people instantly unemployed due to your scorched Earth style of management?

Further, why would you add gasoline to this fire a week before Bill’s new HBO show is about to come out? All you’re doing is giving him free pub and making him look like the David to your Goliath. Super fascinating to me how thin skinned those at the tippy top can be when talent who has earned an audience based on their opinions actually give opinions.

Always remember: the president of ESPN didn’t even have the guts to tell Simmons that he was fired in person on the phone or via email. Instead he told the NYT and Simmons found out through Twitter.

In summary: The commissioner of football was lying about the Ray Rice video and now it looks like the president of ESPN is totally omg wtf lying about why he shitcanned Bill Simmons and spitefully ended the beloved Grantland.

ive lived half my life already and ive seen some huge improvements

lauren at pridei lived in a time when tvs only had four channels

i lived in a time when there were zero video games.

then there was one. then there were two.

i lived in a time when calculators cost over $100 and when gas cost less than $1 a gallon.

i lived in a time before air bags in cars. when it was ok to smoke in a plane.

i went to college at a time when most of the kids didnt have computers.

when there was zero internet or email.

only recently was there a black man as president.

for most of my life not everyone could get married, in America.

but that changed.

you now can legally buy marijuana, a plant that has never killed anyone, in several states.

and we have these magical devices. they call them phones.

but theyre nothing like the phones i grew up with.

these know where you are. these can answer almost every question. they can translate all the languages.

they can take photos and send them around the world in an instant.

they can play every song miles davis ever recorded

these phones will unlock once it senses your finger print.

it can tell you how many miles you walked that day, that month, that year.

these so called phones are fairly new to this planet

they exist because we discovered there was a need and we allowed that need to be satisfied.

we have a need to limit the amount of gun violence in this beautiful country

and i am certain that before the second half of my life is over

that we will solve this problem too.

and the Cubs will win the world series

and families wont go bankrupt if someone gets sick.

and money will be removed from politics.

and people will actually start reading the bible instead of just talking about it.

thats what i think.