chuck klosterman was on tv, talking about creativity


he said in order to induce creativity he gets himself bored.

he said our problems is that are instantly entertained within seconds thanks to the internet.

he said the best ways, though, to get your mind going is to

go on a long boring walk

with no music in your ears

and no phone in your hand.

what will happen is you might write a little song, you might think of a good topic for a book

you might think of all the things you shoulda said to that one babe

right before she cut off the light

and i thought maybe thats why i think of so many good things in the shower

its the one time when theres not a phone in front of me.

i had such a good day yesterday i could cry


it started out with me getting to interview this guy who has made movie posters for decades.

designs, art directs, sketches, creates, pitches and then makes some of your favorite movie posters

he’s worked with spielberg, saul bass, schwarezenneger, ron howard, you name em.

i was all, i hear ron howard is a monster IRL

people like jokes.

then i started driving.

on thursday uber had some technical problems. neither the drivers or the passengers could use the app

so i switched over to lyft where because of the surge of new businesses, the prices were multiplied

to fit demand. it was great. doubly great because lyft is offering me a bonus right now

because soon they will introduce their luxury car level of pricing and they want me to get ready

so i think i get double the fare no matter what the fare is, so needless to say ive been driving lyft.

most drivers who do both say the lyft passenger is nicer and more laid back and its sorta true.

tommy burrito

i never met any passengers like Bobby Tortilla on Uber. So thanks Lyft.

Bobby is a heavy metal stage manager who told me some of the best stories.

We both talked about some weird ass times at Irvine Meadows.

I told him about sneaking into the ACDC / Queensryche show in ’86 where while they were playing Operation Mindcrime we traversed across the abandoned Lion Country Safari and eventually hopped the fence into the rock

And he told me about being chased by a cop and a K9 while carrying a twelve pack of Coors Light – a story that we both agreed would make an excellent music video.

He told me that he was going to be doing a show where Alice Cooper is playing and I told him about “Supermench” and he was stoked to hear about it. When I dropped him off there were two white vans in his driveway. He told me one was the old one and one is the new one. If those tour vans could talk.

Drove a shy french girl from one side of town to the other. She was here for two weeks, staying in a tall apartment building in West LA where I had previously picked up 5 swedish girls and while I was waiting for her there were two scantily clad black girls and if i was still in the LA news biz i’d stick my nose into that building, because what the

tonight i will be driving more Lyft because Uber still hasnt paid me my bonus from last week and they know theyre wrong and wont even answer my emails, pretending that Manilla celebrates the fourth of july.

but the best was lunch.

i had just dropped off this young lady at LAX who was flying to vancouver for the weekend. it took us a half hour to get from the venice blvd chase drive thru next to the cvs next to where the Good Hurt used to be next to where theres a bowling alley i think. it took us a half hour to get from there to the airport door.

so i figured, im not on a bonus, i dont have to be super hustling,

so i did something i never do, i went to kanpai and sat at the sushi bar and just treated myself.

they have a lunch menu before 6pm of enough food the fill you up for sure.

i paid $45 after tip and it was seriously the best lunch ive had all year.

i nearly cried in the parking lot.