yesterday was the all star game, one of my favorite days of the year

fuck joe buckit was held in san diego, which is only a few hours away from my home

seven Cubs were named to the team. the entire infield was Cubs.

but as you know i hate san diego and i hope it falls into the ocean and gets flushed down into the center of the earths core.

one reason is because in 1984 the padres beat the cubs in the playoffs.

this week’s all star game was a celebration of sorts of that 84 padres team. they made everyone wear the brown and yellow shit and piss colors of that year during the home run derby.

during any other circumstance i might have paid big bucks to see my cubbies take the field and represent. but as i just said i hope Dani Targeryian’s dragons fly down there and burn the whole city down.

as i was getting ready to watch the game on tv my dear friend Dave, who was down there for work, took a picture of the worst announcer in sports, joe buck, and texted it to me. he went one step further by putting my pride and joy,  the busblog’s url on the picture to enhance the “humor”. i nearly choked on my short rib. as you can see the pretty lady interviewing him is keeping her distance because lighting will strike him one day soon and that day cannot come soon enough.

so yeah that was part of my yesterday. trying to watch my cubs. trying to forget it was being held in the land that time hates. and trying to squint with my ears as joe called the game. what i noticed was because all of his fantasy boyfriends were on the field he had a hard time ruining the game. boy did he try. but it wasnt actually all that bad.

he did leave out one huge detail because hes a company man robot and only speaks outloud what is written down in front of him.

the detail was, the NL was the visitors last night even though San Diego, for all its faults, is an NL city.

what Joe didn’t mention was in the next couple of years MLB is going to have the all star game in two more NL cities so they let the AL be the “home” team last night because, well, the AL is stinky like SD so may as well let them pretend for a night that theyre at home.