nothing in here is true

thanks mrs obamait is human nature to mimic

it’s how we learn.

it’s also human nature to lie when we are caught in an embarrassing situation.

but the best part about being a human

is to appreciate the importance of


doing the things that little kids do

like lie, and steal, and cheat.

it’s called maturing.

it’s called evolving.

it’s called growing.

when MLK was being called names and getting things thrown at him, don’t you think his first instinct was to lash back

don’t you think an orator as skilled as he could have replied to the ignorant slurs with some choice comebacks of his own?

instead he did what the racists never thought he’d do, he forgave them, he embraced them, he showed them love

when we think about who should lead the biggest, strongest nation that ever existed

do we really want someone who hasn’t really matured?

i do, because i am a whore for free entertainment

and i believe that when we die we will go to heaven.

(he will kill us all.)