q: did Lyin Ted live up to his nickname?

a: no. his whole damn speech was about Freedom and looking good in the eyes of your daughter who wont kiss you

and they applauded like monkeys

until they realized the whole thing was a sneaky little set up.

for him to say, we all just agreed that freedom was kewl

now im free to take a shit in your punch bowl.

god bless me and god bless america.

before he was Lyin Ted

he was Douchebag Ted

which is the Ted he’s always been

and only a great negotiator like trump

would invite him to his super sweet 16 without

a deal.

50 years from now when theyre teaching kids about the election of the first female president

i hope they leave out the part where the GOP couldnt stop shooting themselves.

dear tony, no offense but

pikachuLana asks, “No offense but, does it make you feel good your blog about nothing gets you jobs and dates and not REAL merit? Just popularity?”

Firstly my blog is about Everything: sex, drugs, rock, religion, politics, Hollywood, Uber, Lyft, movies, Isla Vista, journalism, blogging, writing, the secretive xbi, doubting, art, magic, and love. You should read it.

Now, does it make me feel good that it has gotten me jobs? I can’t believe it did get me jobs.

Not just any jobs but amazing jobs. Jobs I never thought I’d ever get. Jobs so magical a few don’t even exist any more. Low paying jobs, high paying jobs, middle paying jobs.

All because I clack clack clacked on a keyboard, added an image and hit Publish 15 years ago.

It makes me feel good because this blog got attention not because i was some long legged long haired curvy young lady with an LA face and an Oakland booty, but because the words i typed connected with people in a special way – which is quite an achievement in this cluttered space called the web.

No one reached down from Above and said, listen everyone you MUST read the busblog (actually many did) (which also made me feel all warm and loved inside) but most of those people were not hugely influential massive bloggers.

Some were, which was lovely, but what I am saying is CNN didn’t put me on their homepage week after week with a direct link here and a headline that said OMG TONY YES!

The so-called popularity that you seem to have an issue with was entirely organic, natural, and beautiful. Which is probably why it sustained for so long.

Did it make me feel good that lovely ladies from around the world wanted to go on “dates” with me because of the things I wrote?

No. I wanted them to want me for my body, not my mind.

Which brings us to “REAL merit”.

There are only three people who matter to me, merit-wise, in regards to my blogging here on the busblog.

  1. My dear mother
  2. Jesus
  3. All the ladies out there who secretly want me

If I can warm the hearts of all three of these very important people in my life then that is Real merit to me.

And let me tell you, trying to hit the center of that Venn diagram is not as easy as it looks. My mom doesn’t like swear words, even though I study the bible regularly I’m still unsure what Jesus would find wonderful in this blog, and I am even more clueless about the third group. So I just try to keep it real and come from a place of Goodness and see what happens.

With that said we are here to rock. Every car has a gas pedal and a brake. My old sink has a hot And a cold faucet. And as a red blooded American single man I have a ying AND a very much alert yang.

All of my favorite writers (Bukowski, Twain, Moses, etc) kept it real.

I feel the most satisfied inside immediately after I have finished a blog post where I feel like I have kept it really real and the words sang in a way. To me that is real merit.

But then there’s the bigger picture. The less selfish one: how did what I write or say help others?

If my blogging (or Blog Editing) helped people express themselves or get jobs or dates or whatever they were looking for, then that gives me even more satisfaction. That might be harder for you, an outsider, to see, but when I ran the great LA blog, LAist, or the dozens of blogs at the LA Times, I was able to be with people in a way that hopefully was beneficial to them. And that interaction was rooted, weirdly, in my personal experiences of writing the world famous.

So to answer your question, does it make me feel good that blah blah blah not real merit just popularity?

The only time I feel really good is when someone surprises me with a nude on snapchat, when my momma tells me she liked what I wrote, when the Cubs win the World Series, when my bosses tell me fucking a great job tony, or when the girl in my bedroom says “i just Postmated some Poutine, whatever will we do for twenty minutes?”

the rest of the time i’m a bawling mess alone in my messy room desperately searching for the approval from others.

my snapchat is Tsarfan