why did we let anyone try to convince us that Obama wasn’t great


last night the first black president stepped up to the plate
and did what he normally does
he looked around, pointed to deep centerfield
and hit the ball exactly where he pointed
and ran around the bases casually
as the whole world cheered.

yet for nearly eight years we sat there
and listened to nincompoops and idiots
bitch and whine that
Nobama didn’t do this or did that wrong or foolishly.

people have the shortest memories.

things were so bad in 2007 that when Obama won his first presidential election
some speculated that the Republicans didn’t even really try to win
because they knew that no one could lift us out of the
shitty stinky fucked up hole
that eight years of Bush / Cheney sank us into.

and even though for most of his 8 years he had a do nothing Congress
who said straight up that they were going to do everything they could
to make sure he would only be a one-term president
he ended up being one of the greatest leaders
an America ever had.
twenty million people now have health insurance
millions of gays and lesbians can get married now
and be in the armed forces without having to pretend
our national debt has been reduced
millions of people who were unemployed now have jobs
the stock and real estate markets are booming.

and best of all, the Cubs are on their way to becoming a Dynasty.

if some grumpy old white Republican dude with gray hair and a big belly
had done this
they’d be talking about adding him to Mount Rushmore

never let them convince you
even for a minute
that Obama isn’t spectacular.
they are jealous,
and they should be
on so many levels.