1. Thursday, July 14, 2016

    drove a 16 year old girl from westwood to torrance in rush hour yesterday 

    sunset silver lakeit took an hour and we talked the whole way

    she has been to coachella the last two years. vip both times.

    she wants to go to college on the east coast.

    she doesnt like Taylor Swift, at all.

    she loves Selena Gomez but wasnt aware that her latest movie is on Netflix

    says she looks at Snapchat maybe 40 times a day

    says that when she looks at it and doesnt see anything new from her friends, she’ll look at Cosmo’s story or something else

    follows the kardashians on snapchat and ariana grande

    goes to private school in west LA and her parents either drive her or she takes lyft

    when she goes to coachella she doesnt camp, she chips in with her friends to rent a house

    loved Flostradamus

    did not see AC/DC or Guns n Roses because: not interested

    wants to try the Kylie Jenner lip kit but hasnt gotten around to it

    loves Obama and will miss him.

    doesnt shop at nearby Del Amo Mall, instead prefers The Grove.

    fascinating convo the whole way.