1. Wednesday, July 6, 2016

    there was a time when the cubs could barely justify one all star 


    yesterday it was announced that they would be sending SEVEN Cubs to San Dieger

    next week for the All Star Game:

    their entire infield, their center fielder

    and their two best pitchers.

    in a perfect world id be going too, but tickets are ridiculously expensive.

    and also i hate san diego and i hope if falls into the sea.

    and also they are making the players wear uniforms reminiscent of the 1984 Padres

    which is on top of my list of reasons for hating san diego

    and hoping it sinks into a sweaty goob of magma.

    but still i would love to go to the game but

    i will instead watch it on tv

    like a proper american

    without having to leave my humble abode.

    (still sorta hoping for magma)