1. Monday, July 18, 2016

    when i was a kid i had the biggest dreams 

    amberi wanted to manage the cubs

    i wanted like 27 kids

    and i wanted to give half of my salary to charity.

    when i was in college i gave up on the cubs

    i only wanted six kids

    and i wanted to be a college professor one day.

    when i moved back to LA the second time

    my dreams were way simpler:

    i wanted hot babes to love me

    and i wanted to see as many great rock shows as i could.

    today my dreams are even simpler

    i want to fix the world

    and give 3/4 of my salary to charity.

    tonight i saw donald trump make a fool out of himself on tv because his money grubbing hasnt satisfied him so now he wants to aquire as much power as he can get

    and i watched on twitter as kim kardashian stood by her man via snapchat.

    we all have dreams.

    some are bigger than others.

    the first thing i want to fix is the block that i have preventing me from writing about my big plan.

    but everything comes to you in due time.

    will you be ready for it is the real question.