was driving home through the fairfax

shooting star

minding my own business. only had it so i would pick up Uber Select. really i was driving from one Pokemon gym to the other. it was night.

got a ping and this guy comes out and says, hi youre gonna take my friend Mo. he needs to go to the Westin LAX.

awesome. a saturday night run to the airport? why not.

one of the more fascinating rides ive ever had. dude is Jewish from Chile but has been studying the New Testament his whole life. Bro is 70+ years old.


because his parents were so worried that the Nazis would find out that he was Jewish that he would kill him.

me: were there lots of Nazis in Chile after WWII?

him: no. but my parents were very cautious.

turns out he teaches the bible. lectures. mostly at churches. hes a scholar.

then he asks me if i know where any street hookers are. i say, thats the most interesting question ive ever been asked. i say, yes. he says, im not interested in their business, i just want to tell them about the bible. i say i think they know about the bible. he says, yeah i know, but thats also what i do, i try to tell them about the bible.

so i say, weirdly theres not a lot of street hookers at midnight. the last time i saw a bunch of them was at 6:30am in DTLA right by this strip club. apparently the men are all horned up and the club is emptying and there are all these hookers ready to finish them off.

Mo says, you have quite a way with words.

i say, gratzi.

as we’re driving he tells me how much he likes black women.

so i say, lets go through Inglewood. you never know we might get lucky.

and sure enough, right by a knock off Motel 6, there we see a tall latino street hooker and i say, the thing is, you never know if thats a man or a woman until all becomes revealed.

when we get to the Westin he tips me $20.

thanks God!