1. Wednesday, August 17, 2016

    i had to do a thing and for months and months and months i didnt do it 


    and i have no idea why i didnt do the thing but every night i would come home and think about it

    and every friday i would say to myself, this weekend im gonna do it, but i never did.

    i never even got close to doing it.

    then the other day, your east cost fairy princess blogger from somewhere

    told me, just try harder, and if its crappy its crappy, but push

    and yesterday after work i really wanted to uber but i promised myself

    that i would come home and do it.

    but first i need to watch the end of the cubs game

    and then i had to read every page on the internet

    and then i had to play with my cats. both of them.

    and then i had to open the window. and then i had to pee.

    and then i had to close one window at a time on my laptop.

    and then i started.

    and it was good.

    and then it was halfway done.

    and it wasnt so good.

    so i made it good.

    and then it was done.

    and i nearly had a heart attack.

    i had to stand up.

    i wanted to walk to the park and play pokemon but it was 12:30am and you really shouldnt be roaming around hollywood that late

    after you just figured something out majorly.

    you should stay inside and blog.