today is national lazy day

lazy kidwhen andy warhol would talk to Lou Reed he’d ask, have you written any songs today?

Lou would say something like “I wrote Heroin yesterday”.

Andy would say, “that was yesterday. this is now 1:42pm, you should have written a song this morning and one at lunch already.”

and Lou would take the needle out of his arm and say, fine, and write Andy’s Chest or Waiting on the Man.

a week later theyd have a similar conversation and before Lou knew it the Velvet Underground had an entire album of songs ready to go.

Andy was just as prolific and his critics could argue that he was using the printing press or interns to help him, he would say work doesnt mean you have to stretch a canvas, mix your paints, treat the canvas, have a glass of wine and meditate and then start painting to create work. all that was required to work is that you start working.

i can go through major lazy periods where i dont do anything but lay in my bed and whisper sweet nothings to the cheerleaders and before i know it it’s Sunday afternoon and time to read the bible and do laundry. because i know how lazy i can get i often find myself with more than one job.

in frisco i had three jobs because that place did not inspire me one bit to make art. or write. or rule. it was pretty but that was it. im glad im gone and i rarely go back. LA is my lady because this place has an underground railroad of hits rumbling under the surface.

even though the mainstream media would have you believe that the only places of interest are either along the coast or from santa monica through downtown, theres massive amounts of energy in the valley, in the hood and East of LA.

why dont they cover those areas?

because theyre lazy.

and if andy warhol was their boss he’d hit em with a flower.