when Pablo Picasso was 15 he painted a self portrait

pablo picasso

and they were all, damn Pablo Picasso that’s some badass shit
and he said si because he is Spanish.

when Pablo was 25 he painted another self portrait that was much different than what everyone else was doing at the time.

and they were all dammmmmn Pablo, are you ok? where is your control, your contours, your shading your technique?

and he said, i am in full control, my countours are exactly where they should be, my shading is better than ever

and my technique will be copied more than anything else ive ever done before.

and they sent a doctor over

and pablo picasso said i will shove a paint brush in a place you wont enjoy unless you leave here immediately

but he said it in French because is sounded so much prettier in that tongue.

when Pablo was 95 he painted a new self portrait.

and they said, heres all the money in the world, that is the craziest

coolest, weirdest, wildest, most amazing portrait

of Vincent Van Gogh we have ever seen.

and he died

with a smile on his face.

be weird.

stay weird.

die weird.