cubs magic number is 13

starlin castro

sometimes you have to trade your sweet sweet starlin

sometimes you have to get rid of your extra fuel

sometimes you have to drive through the tough tough traffic of labor day friday

to make that money

because youre saving up that money

because your true love, da cubs, are gonna be in the damn world series in six weeks

and those old styles arent gonna just flow from the sky.

i had a fun day today. everyone was going to the airport.

i tried to drive far away from the airport so my fares would be high

but as soon as i turned on my thing, my thing rang and guess where they were going

at some point the traffic was so bad that we were literally going backwards

not on the freeway

but in time.

i could see myself get younger in the rear view.

my hair was growing back.

my voice got higher.

my six pack abs were all whaddup g

and i was like,

i gotta get outta this traffic.