do you know i love you? i do

avril lavigne

im about to have a big birthday. i dont even know what im gonna do. but i will give thanks because im thankful.

ive met some of the most amazing people in the world.

ive kissed some of the greatest young ladies ever made.

the things ive dranken and eaten and seen and participated in.

youd never think a scrawny kid from the burbs in illinois would have had quite a life

but it happened. and a lot of it happened thanks to writing and blogging and

going outside and seeing what happens.

but the secret to all of it was

other people.

and that is why i am so grateful.

no one can fly on their own.

everyone has to lift each other.

everyone has to figure things out first and then the coolness comes.

people built the roads, literally, people invented the framework

people accept you and give you access and share secrets and work with you

hopefully all for the same reason:

to continue the improvements of everything.

so thank you for everyone for either literally helping

or being a great inspiration

neither of which should be underestimated.

gracias, madre.

teen spirit is older than 10% of U.S. history

giphyshe said youre always charging your phone

i said we should have some codes


for when we text each other, i said.

you mean like hey how are you doing?

i know how you’re doing.

then what?

i was thinking, if i text you “w” it means what are you wearing?


if i text you “m” it means wanna see a movie?

if i text you “f” it means

oh i think i know.

it means have you had any food?

ok got it, but why not just text those things?

well i was reading hillarys emails and if she and her aides just had little codes it would have made it harder to spy on her.


and it would save time.

what time are you trying to save?

what if im on a cliff hanging by a pinkie

and all i can do is type h to you, which is helppppppp

or z which is theyve poisoned me and im about to pass out, bring pop

how am i supposed to remember all of these?