everythings upside down and sideways too

trump poppinsyou wouldnt know it by looking at me but i do best when things have order and structure and


i love having a vacation. i love going back to chicago and seeing my friends and family.

but it throws everything out of wack.

have you ever seen the busblog go so many days without posting in a week?

i have forgotten what day it is. i forget what im supposed to do today and tomorrow and the next day.

i made it to the Cubs’ playoff lottery but forgot that i was supposed to buy tickets this morning at 8am.

i didnt realize yesterday that tomorrow im going to UCSB to speak to the Nexus, not today.

everything is crazy. i am crazy. all because of one thing: i want to watch the Cubs make their way to the World Series and win. i dont care if i do it here at Wrigley or just outside of Wrigley. i just want it to happen and i want to be close to the love. aint gonna be much love here in LA. but i do hope that the Dodgers face the Cubs so i can see some of the games here in LALA LAnd.

im hungry. im thirsty. word is that Jeanine got a job in Vegas yesterday. we will see if thats true. i hope it is because who doesnt love Vegas?

word is now i have to go to work myself. which is great because who doesnt love it when i go to work in the morn.

anyways dont do drugs, stay in school, pay your taxes, and dont lie on national tv.