1. Wednesday, September 7, 2016

    girls night 

    pioneer speakerwhen i got the mercedes i thought it was going to be this amazing driving machine.

    sometimes it is.

    sometimes everything is flowing and the cars glide by and you can see clearly

    and even the radio is happening.

    three young ladies got me on melrose

    sometimes you barely touch the gas and it goes

    sometimes you can feel the weight of everyone in there.

    its weird.

    they said they wanted to go somewhere wild.

    i said damn i aint been to compton in days

    i get just enough people each month that it pays for the car,

    the insurance,

    the gas

    but it’s not so many people that it wears down the car. at all.

    the girls didnt wanna go to compton, it turned out. they immediately told me. with added volume.

    even after i listed several benefits theyd receive after utilizing the south central geo filter

    on their selfies on snapchat.

    even after i told them they smelled great.

    even after i told them about the tacos.

    sometimes the car can get super quiet.

    it’s weird.