not a bad labor day weekend

mary and anne

didn’t drive. why bother?

decided to actually enjoy the weekend for the first time in a long time.

watched the cubs steamroll past the giants.

watched a whole bunch of movies and tv shows.

ate and ate and ate.

got my steps in by playing pokemon go.

but i still didnt have as good of a weekend as soon to be birthday girl mary who went to burning man in a private jet

and then took this selfie with oscar winner anne hathaway.

apparently lots of movie stars and pop stars go there now because they can sorta be in disguise and sorta be freeeeee as a bird away from the prying eyes of the press

it’s fun sometimes to cool ones jets.

i even read some bukowski this weekend, which was tough because of the two tvs, computer, laptop, and phone.

maybe my next break i’ll totally unplug.

which will be quite the stretch.