1. Friday, September 9, 2016

    teen spirit is older than 10% of U.S. history 

    giphyshe said youre always charging your phone

    i said we should have some codes


    for when we text each other, i said.

    you mean like hey how are you doing?

    i know how you’re doing.

    then what?

    i was thinking, if i text you “w” it means what are you wearing?


    if i text you “m” it means wanna see a movie?

    if i text you “f” it means

    oh i think i know.

    it means have you had any food?

    ok got it, but why not just text those things?

    well i was reading hillarys emails and if she and her aides just had little codes it would have made it harder to spy on her.


    and it would save time.

    what time are you trying to save?

    what if im on a cliff hanging by a pinkie

    and all i can do is type h to you, which is helppppppp

    or z which is theyve poisoned me and im about to pass out, bring pop

    how am i supposed to remember all of these?