im thinking about going to Frisco next week

R2D2yesterday the Giants beat the Mets in extra innings which gives them the right to play the Cubs in the first round of the actual playoffs.

thats good news and bad for the Cubs because the Giants have this weird thing going where they have won the World Series in each of the last three even-years.

eerily, this is 2016.

so not only do we have to break the Curse of the Billy Goat, the Sports Illustrated cover curse, but we also have to be the first team to beat the Giants in an even year.

no problemo.

so tomorrow and Saturday the two teams square off at the Friendly Confines, kicking off the best-of-five League Division Series.

on Sunday they fly to San Fran where they play two games at AT&T Park on Monday and Tuesday.

A mere 5 hour drive from where I blog to you today.

I have some vacation days coming my way but i was hoping to save those for the World Series. However.


Half a day to get up there. See the game. Tickets are only $80.

Sleep beneath the Golden Gate with a good book?

Wake, head over to the Squat and Gobble? Stumble over to the Zeitgeist for a couple of beers with some bikers? Chow down on some Chinese at the House of Nan King. Head over to the bleachers for another game. Tickets are only $90. Don’t drink. Drive back down to LA?

If one gets too tired, maybe sleep half way there around Bakersfield?

Thank the Lord for this matchup?

And hope the Dodgers are successful in their round versus the Nats so I can see the Cubbies at Chavez Ravine.

Weirder things have happened.