put on your war paint

cubs lineup in a few hours the Cubs begin their march through the playoffs.

their lineup makes me nervous.

their two big boppers are batting 2nd and 3rd. then you have two infielders in the power positions.  (yes Z is playing left but thats because Baez is in the game).

Z had 18 dingers in the regular season which is below average AND he was hitless against Cueto, who is on the mound for the Giants.

so why is he batting cleanup? who knows? that’s why we pay Joe Maddon the big bucks.

that is why he wears the glasses and i write the tweets.

that is why the Cubs had the best record in baseball and i am eyeing the clock seeing when i can go home to watch.

me personally my lineup would be Dexter / Javy / Bryant /Rizz / Russ / Hey / Zob / Ross. You might get Rizzo one less AB than having him bat 3rd but at least theres some pop in the middle of the lineup.


I need a drink.

I need two drinks.

How am I still at home?

Where is my mind?

Will the Cubs win by 8 or just 1?

Will Ditka be there?

Will Ditka pitch?

How did the Native Americans handle the emotions of the playoffs? Ahhhhhh!!!!