there was a baseball game on saturday

cubs dodgers

i took the subway over to todds house. andy was there too. we drank and ate deep dish.

the cubs a pinch hit grand slam from its backup catcher

earlier javy baez stole home.

today i watched the game alone because on sundays its nice to just lay about

and check out football and read the bible

to have the cubs in the playoffs is bonus

and to have them as favorites

well thats the little added pressure

i like.

today clayton kershaw, pretty much the most dominate pitcher in baseball

over the last few years, but just average in the playoffs

tossed a two hitter on the cubs.

the cubs threw a four hitter on the dodgers.

but one of the hits went over the beautiful ivy.

tuesday wednesday and thursday ive got tickets to the games.


its gonna be hot


and the dodgers only have

one kershaw.