i had a great time last night rooting on the Cubs to victory

14724419_10154602604538057_724902057538849283_ni was right that the Cubs’ bat could not remain cold for three nights in a row

i was right that the 20 year old hurler of the Dodgers might be more than a little nervous on such an important stage.

i was right that I’d been wearing the wrong cap all along

i was right to shave my playoff beard.

and i was right to dip my head into Little Joy after the huge win, because Haley and Joaquin were there and all was good especially when we learned the 7 foot Cubs fan was none other than Bulls center Brad Miller

it was a beautiful warm night. ran into my man Dave. Chilled in Center with Todd.

spent a lot of time just watching it on the TVs because it was super good luck

I was all Todd do you wanna go back to the seats? He was all, not until we score 10 runs.

Cubs scored 10 runs and we returned to our seats, victors.

At least for the night.

Tonight it’s gonna be a hot one. It’s close to 100 right now already.

I will not be eating any hot dogs or drinking any beer. I am sick of them. I can literally still taste them after two nights in a row.

My poops this morning were all, dude.

But my heart was all, duuuuuuuuuuude :)