every day i drive to beverly hills through hollywood

come witha few blocks south of Paramount Pictures,

a movie and tv studio, that among other things, shoots stories about super heroes

are some real heroes that, when i see them,

make me cry inside.

i resist telling this to you because i dont want you to cry.

but today i was feeling especially emotional for some reason,

and when i saw them, i seriously considered jumping out of my car and hugging all of them.

every day i drive by a school for blind kids. little kids. maybe 6, 7 years old.

and theyre out on the fucked up LA sidewalks, arched due to old tree roots, and they have great big smiles and cute little dresses or sweaters with Lego characters on em

and folding walking canes with the red tips.

next to them are the heroes. young men and women with great patience showing them how to get around with their walking sticks.

and im telling you the kids are sooooo happy. they dont know the trees are changing colors or the sky is ridiculously california blue or that my car needs a wash.

all they know is they’re seeing the world in this new way, right now. and theyre beaming. some are laughing. and the heros are laughing too.

so today i was at a stop sign by the school and i wanted to roll down the window and just yell I LOVE WHAT YOURE DOING, FUCK YEAH RIGHT ON FUCK YEAH GO CUBS!

but i didnt wanna startle the little ones or kill their vibe. they didnt need me.

so when i wrote what i wrote earlier today about our highest good is being of service to others, thats almost exactly what i was talking about

except maybe not as dramatic as literally helping the blind.

but helping.

and you know its working when you see the gigantic smile on both yr faces.