had a nightmare last night


but it could have been aided by the thunderstorms and lightning and light rain.

it doesnt really rain out here it drizzles.

little tiny bursts sometimes, but nothing sustained.

almost like the weather wants to punish LA for some reason.

it’s like la la la and then someone says why are you raining on LA you know youre not supposed to.

then the rain is all, oh yeah forgot, and flies up to frisco.

i have two rally rags on my bedpost. one from frisco and one from dodger stadium.

theyre like bulls ears from a matador after he “won” his fight.

i want one from cleveland.

i started a gofundme to get me into the bleachers of wrigley for game 5 but those tix are like $4k

the ones in cleveland are way cheaper.

in one day i got 10% there, so we’ll see.

if anything the good people will fly me to chicago and buy me some beers.

id love to go to the game but just being around all the cub fans will be nice.

but i would like to go.

id like this nightmare to be over.