his name is kyle schwarber

kyle schwarber

he was hurt all year.

then like kirk gibson in 88 he got off his black ass and said

put me in coach, im ready to play.

is he ready to play? probably not.

will he play? hes starting in a few hours, batting 5th, in the DH spot.

fuck the DH but whattya gonna do,

mlb gave cleveland home field, so theres gonna be maybe four games with a DH

so schwarber it is.

if i were to have bought a cubs jersey this year it would have either been schwarber

or willson contreras

contreras has been hitting out of his mind. for some reason he isnt starting tonight

but you will see him in some situation unless the cubs blow them out

which they might with my man schwarb back in the band.

this is just another amazing page to this long wonderful tale.