how am i supposed to go to sleep or do anything

riaders just win babymy mom and i watched the game tonight and it was fantastic. she thinks shes bad luck but Jesus tells us there aint no thing.

i say ma i thought you loved the Lord. she says i dont know nothin about birthin babies or the holy scripture.

im like well the good book says watch the game, enjoy it and good things will happen.

so we watched. and i tried not to be superstitious. but i did have the radio on synched up to the tv so i didnt have to put us through the Joe Buck ringer. everyone online was complaining about him.

you know if Two people complained at me at work i’d be canned but when millions of people complain about Joe Buck they just give him dump trucks of money and stick him on the biggest stages in the world.

is life fair? ha. but you know whats great, watching the Cubs eek out a win in the last game at Wrigley with your mom. i was so nervous i couldnt eat. but i was hungry so i asked her to make me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. she also set me up with soup and crackers. i drank a half a coke the whole time. i have been eating terribly this month. but for some reason the Lord is looking out for me.

even though im still very nervous about the Cubs as they head to Cleveland, heres the silver lining: because of MLB’s ridiculous rules about home field advantage, the Cubs get to use Kyle Schwarber now as their DH and we really could use one more solid bat in this lineup which tends to get stage fright sometimes. Schwarb is nuts and did well the last time we were at the Jake so im feeling great about that.

plus tomorrow it’s Jake Arrieta vs their dude Tomlin. Arrieta is the reigning Cy Young Award Winner and even though he hasn’t exactly pitched like that this year, he’s damn good and Tomlin is on 3 days rest.

i do have air miles. i could fly to Cleveland but i dont really have a grand for a ticket however i was thinking about IF I WENT to just hold up a sign that says “Cub Fan Looking For Free World Series Ticket. Will Blog About It” but so far my record with watching World Series games with my mom is 1-0.

dance with who brought ya, as they say. so i guess i will stay in the suburbs and not risk our luck.

even though luck doesnt exist.