1. Friday, October 28, 2016

    im here in chicago 


    couldnt sleep. poops couldnt sleep. heart racing. is this all a dream.

    pooped all night. pooped this morning. poops didnt even smell like mine.


    raised $2,445 on my gofund me. people are leaving the nicest notes:

    Sorry it’s not more.

    Right Field Sucks

    Have an Old Style on me!

    Go Tony Go

    I hope you get to go my friend! If you catch a ball though you have to give it to me: (DONE!)

    Midwesterner supporting a Midwesterner with a little Canadian tossed in. Hope you make it there!

    Happy birthday and go Cubs

    Happy birthday Bring Yer Own Cup!

    This is the year. Go Cubs! Have the time of your life!

    Getting you to the halfway mark

    When the Cubs made it to the World Series, I literally thought, I hope Tony gets to go. Thanks for letting me contribute to making that happen :)

    easy decision

    Tony if I could I would buy you a ticket myself. You deserve this. You are a top notch human.

    oh tony I believe in you and the cubs!

    Beth and I are pulling for you Tony

    Someone has to represent the College of Creative Studies!

    Thank you for the busblog

    Godspeed Tony!

    Can’t wait to see your smiling face with a frosty beer in the stands

    You better catch a ball too

    Happy belated birthday!

    I’m a lifelong Dodgers fan so obviously this means I really like you.

    Go and enjoy every moment.