1. Saturday, October 8, 2016

    my boss let me go home a little early yesterday 

    bill murray i aint afraid of no goatswhich was good because i was a space cadet

    i couldnt eat, i couldnt work well.

    when i got home i took off my clothes, laid in my bed, then put new clothes on

    and then walked around my neighborhood.

    just walked and listened to Fall Out Boy

    i bought a burrito somewhere i never ate before

    i just walked.

    i was afraid to go home, i was afraid to drive anywhere, i was afraid.

    then my man Todd texted me from Wrigley

    basically saying he was scared too,

    so i turned my phone on, tuned in the radio broadcast and listening to WGN

    the station i grew up on,

    while i sat on a bench in Los Feliz

    it soothed me.

    so i walked home.

    pitchers duel.

    8th inning, i tweeted that Javy Baez has power

    and right on cue he bashed one right into the mouth of the wind

    he stared at it like it was soaring to Wisconsin

    but that old, cold, mean mean wind blew it back

    but then the ghost of Harry Caray distracted the wind, just for a scootch

    and the ball landed in the Left Field basket.

    “nothing but net” tweeted the Cubs

    and that’s all it took to win the game

    thanks to a beautiful 9th inning of flamethrowing by the closer Chapman

    the rest of the night was watching Donald Trump fallout

    and me not believing how good all of it could feel