1. Tuesday, October 18, 2016

    the cubs play the dodgers here in LA today and tomorrow and thursday 


    if you have noticed i havent been blogging very much recently. probably because i have been slightly insane in the membrane.

    the Cubs have a very good chance of winning todays game, but still, it’s the Cubs so you never know.

    the game is at 5pm. im going. the last time Jake pitched a 5pm game at Dodger Stadium he tossed a no-hitter.

    i would very much like to see a playoff no hitter.

    i have been trying to do the right thing, prayers, playoff beards, good deeds, lucky hats, lucky cat foods

    but it sure would help if mr anthony rizzo and mr addison russell would hit the ball, preferably over the wall

    and plunk a palm tree or two.

    when i was a youngster i would root for the Dodgers in October because the Cubs were long out of it

    id see those palm trees beyond the bullpens at Dodger Stadium

    and id say, i want to be there one day, LA

    i never imagined id actually be at the playoffs in October there.


    and for sure i never thought my Cubs would be here too.


    as favorites to win the whole enchilada.

    BRB shaving my head

    for good luck.