my predictions



this is the biggest cub game of my life.

all post season the cubs have won due to their pitchers and catchers.

both sides of the battery have smashed important home runs, hits, and sac flies.

tonight sorta catcher kyle schwarber, who i told you about way back when, is batting second and DHing

everyone expects him to be the power supply tonight and his numbers are the best in mlb post season history

but i expect willson contrares  to finally break out offensively

he’s already picked off a bunch dudes, but his bat has been silent

he’s a rookie, but he can rock.

i love that javy baez is batting last. he’s been the biggest disappointment and

joe is clearly challenging his machismo

i expect that challenge to be accepted.

my hope is the cubs score early and often.

pictured is the super talented Preston who i went to the Cubs game with Keira Anne and Miss 604 way back in august. he said he did something compulsive and got what looks to be front row tix for tonights game. lucky duck!