last night, the first night of president elect Pussy Grabber, the people marched

day 1they marched in Seattle and Portland and New York City and Chicago

and Oakland and Frisco and when they took to the streets in LA they took the most important street, the Hollywood Freeway.

they held signs that said Fuck Trump and Not My President

but my favorite was one that simply said NO

because that’s what i said when i heard the first result Tuesday evening.

No, not like how you feel when you drop your triple scoop ice cream to the ground accidentally when you’re 10 years old

but how you feel when the richest guy on tv slaps that ice cream from your hand

and millions of your countrymen and women applaud.

the cops were no match for the protesters in NY and LA because there were far too many pissed off Americans. this is a president who has no clue and doesn’t want a clue. for every lie from Hillary, Trump lied 20 times. But his supporters don’t care and they’ll tell you they don’t care. seemingly what they care about is Them and only Them. and by Them i mean people who look like Them who didn’t feel that the previous president was them.

but how was Barack Hussein Obama, a half black half white kid raised by his mom who got a scholarship to Harvard and then worked the mean streets of the South Side of Chicago not them? was he too smart? is that why they relate to Trump? did they feel intimidated by the Community Organizer? or did they feel uptight that America didn’t need a full white guy to fix the place?

first a black and then a woman? was that the white man’s fear? were they afraid that this would be the beginning of the phasing out of the Bro Culture?

we don’t know because they lied to the pollsters, they lie to the press, and when asked now why they voted for the man with zero experience, all they say is Because He’s Going to Make America Great Again.

when George W was reelected this blog turned its header black. i was just as confused then as i am now. back then i wondered how people who saw four years of 9/11 and its pathetic aftermath could reelect an imbecile liar who mishandled pretty much everything that he touched. i was despondent, i was angry, i was confused, and i felt alienated from the country i loved.

but out of that suffering came Obama.

the Light.

they say sometimes you don’t appreciate things until it’s taken away.

the ironic thing about the millions who voted Trump is in a few years tens of millions will look back and say holy shit Obama was amazing and i took it for granted. i am so sorry.

yes you are sorry.