do i care that Trump is hiring racists


and anti semites and homophobes and liars and haters and nogoodnicks

and an attorney general who hates weed

and has a VP who thinks you can electrocute the gay outta people

and kids who think they belong in meetings with japanese political leaders

and omg the head of breitbart “news”?

no. i dont care.

the bible says, clearly, and repeatedly,

“doth not give two shits about thou earth. only care about Paradise.”

because the Lord saw the future, and it involved a selfie stick, a whole bunch of people who look like they were at the same family reunion, all pretending that theyre representing the most diverse country in the world

while pretending global warming doesnt exist

while pretending that weed kills

while pretending that their odd ways of no taxes and heavy spending on the military

wont sink this economy  like it did with bush, bush, and reagan.

let the meek inherit the earth, homeboy.

who are the meek?

youre looking at em.