i’ll figure it out

kennyi always do

time takes time.

been sending emails back and forth with Uber for like a month.

at USC they have this special deal with Uber that im sure ive talked about. i like it because it’s short rides, everyones nice,

and best of all they are out there waiting for you right away because

a) kids are alright
b) kids understand ubes
c) they’ll get charged $5 if they’re not there in two minutes

when the payout is right you can make decent money and every now and then one of the people at USC wants a Select ride and there you go off into the night.

the trouble with Ubes is they outsource their email support to a dark dark place — it could be all a computer program out in Westworld for all i know because all the responses are canned and they hate being specific about you

finally today i either got super lucky or said the magic words but i got someone who actually understood what i was trying to say and bingo i got my money.

persistence. clarity of message. asking for what you want.

next time i’ll ask for some pre-IPO shares