full weekend. too full to write

coulter reading

friday i MCed the SW Lauden Replacements-inspired mystery novel short story collection

did i know what i was doing? do i ever?

most of life is being on time.

the rest is being black and proud.

i was incredible. the writers/readers were too.

we even had a guy who skyped in from Scotland to read.

turned out it was his idea, he got the book deal, and it wouldnta happened without him.

also his story was great.

afterwards some of our friends played replacements songs and it was beautiful

weird thing about my friends: we all love the Replacements soooooo much, but for some reason it’s like an unspoken rule that you dont cover them you dont sing them at hootenannys and you dont really even talk about them very much

but when this book came out i guess a few of them were all, lets learn some tunes and rock that shit

it was dylan, greg and marko

marko was a local santa barbara teen who stumbled across our friends and befriended them

he placed bass in Popsicko which was fronted by Keith Brown (RIP) who went to high school with coulter, greg, and dan

he said something really nice at the beginning, he said, a lot of these guys have known each other since freshman year of college

and a few have known each other since high school so it’s really great to be around them

because these songs mean so much to all of them.

so true. so very true.

afterwards i got a few tacos at a taco stand, then ubered for a while.

it was a good weekend.