it’s only been a few weeks since the Cubs won the World Series

cubs locker room

it seems like a million years ago because Donald Trump took a giant poop in the punch bowl


i have been regularly inspired by what they did and i am using it in my daily walk

often i hear myself saying

is it impossible? dude, the Cubs came back from a 3-1 deficit in the World Series

where they had to win the last two games on the road

and not only did they do it

but they finished it all off  in an extra inning game

in the freaking rain!

and people say to me, youre right, i guess anything is possible.


and thats why i will always have warm feelings about 2016

even though it will probably be the last full year before the nuclear winter.

to celebrate Danielle’s birthday

seu jorgewe went to see Seu Jorge at the Ace.

we had a very special guest, a certain news reporter who i had never met before.

i rushed home so i could change clothes (it was colder than i had expected) and get a Lyft to DTLA

danielle chose Terroni, a cool modern italian joint

her longtime doctor bf was there

he and i talked as the ladies chatted

danielle was in fine form, very excited, beautiful, happy, full of life.

it was great to see her again.

our special guest, claudia, was right there with danielle, very energetic, bouncing with danielle

as we walked to the ace danielle handed us sparklers

we walked down broadway and this well dressed black dude freestyled

and then asked us for money

but i was all, hes dressed better than i have ever dressed.

the show was great. it was just Seu and his guitar.

he told some funny stories about learning the Bowie cover tunes

he had never toured with this material before.

the crowd was waaaaay into it.

many were wearing the red caps from the Wes Anderson film, A Life Aquatic, that Seu performed the songs for orignally.

we walked to city hall.

she drove me home.

i fell asleep like a rock.

three beers will do that to me.

fun night all around!