do you know i love you? i do.

westworld was incredible last night.

there was a subplot about robots holding grudges. something that heretofore was unique only to to humans.

but because we are so incredible and influential either things try to be like us or end up being like us.

i have a huge heart. i love so many people. i do whatever i can to help people.

but i can also be super mean. especially online.

and in real life boy can i hold a grudge.

you coulda dissed me in 6th grade and if you didnt say omg omg im so sorry tony

then if i saw your house was on fire and i was in a damn fire truck driving the thing i wouldnt stop.

id say burn fucker burn.

then it comes to ladies. ive been dissed by my share. like anyone. people have let me down. i suppose thats normal.

and then some have just straight up used and abused me – spiritually.

it’s weird how some of em i’ll be all, it’s cool, whatevs and some im like yeah naw.

theres this one who i wanna say baby the end of the world is nigh, ive always loved you

and i hope youre getting the treatment that you need so badly because youre so special

but i worry what that message would mean to her. i wonder if she’d take it the right way.

so i dont send it. i dont send anything. i dont write anything. i think about it sometimes.

but when i was a college kid i realized something very important: people listen to the devil in their head

way more than they listen to guy wearing the cubs hat. so fuck it. just do you, negro.

today i ordered lunch from this one spot and they were all great, that’ll be $27

i was all, the menu says $14. they were like but you ordered a coke.

i said yes, please take that $13 coke and shove it.

i didnt say up your ass because people do put things up there here in LA

and i would never want to disrespect those people.

but deep down i dont wanna disrespect anyone.

because i know how bad that feels.

next sunday i start reading Revelations in the bible.

yesterday i was done with Johns letters and i turned the page and saw Revelations was next and i was like

yeah lets start this next week. shit.