1. Saturday, November 12, 2016

    i wish i could be like all the others 

    canadalandi wish i could just hold it all in and be cool

    have a liscense plate that said


    i wish i could write existential think pieces

    or well reasoned treatises.

    my treatises are so fucked up and twisted and gnarled and bitter and foulmouthed and rotten

    i love this city and im always trying to run from it

    when i read a book i’ll stop before its over

    because i want some left over surprise of goodness

    saving it for rainy day

    but if ever there was a rainy day

    i wish i liked todays sounds

    and coffee

    group activities

    and wellness

    herbal teas and balance.

    drove these two kids from their homecoming dance at a hotel to a dennys on crenshaw, two black kids, adorable and smart. they asked me my age and gasped when i told them.

    they asked but how

    and i said, fast food and white girls

    and sipped from the straw of my extra large coke.